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Are you new to archery and do you would like to see archers in action? There are some nice shots from the World Championships 2011 in Tornino, Italy and there is some video coverage, too.

Do you want to see something special? Have you ever seen shots from an arrow hitting a water filled balloon? If not, try this gallery.

But of course you are also free to browse the archeryimages.net gallery and enjoy the archive with more than 40,000 pictures and 80 different events covering the last decade of archery!

Enjoy and have fun!

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360° Panoramas of Berlin Open 2012

Sunday, December 16th, 2012 (02:04) | Events, Pictures | By: Tilman

Banner-boxAfter 2010 and 2011, the third edition of the international indoor tournament “Berlin Open” was held this weekend in a snow-covered German capital. The tournament was fully booked and some very well known names in international archery were present, besides 4 Korean archers in the Women’s Recurve division, that were sent by the main sponsor Win&Win. Two new records were shot, a new european record in the Men’s Compound division by Mike Schloesser (598 points) and another world record for German cadet Carlo Schmitz, who topped his own world record with 594 points. He eventually won the Men’s Recurve division and clinched his second win at an international indoor tournament after winning the Face2Face tournament in Amsterdam just one month ago.

I had the chance to shoot some 360° panoramas in and around the venue, so here is a set of 8 panos, inlcuding two panos shot during the finals:

There are also regular pictures available: http://www.archeryimages.net/gallery/index.php?action=pictures&bps=100&cid=683


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European Outdoor Target Championships 2012 – Amsterdam (NED)

Thursday, May 24th, 2012 (09:37) | Events | By: Tilman

The European Championships 2012 are on since last weekend, and there are now some pictures to see in the ai gallery. A big thanks to Günter Kuhr of www.bogensport-extra.de, who provided the images!

You’ll find the gallery here: http://www.archeryimages.net/gallery/index.php?action=pictures&cid=681

To get the latest news about the upcoming final rounds, follow the official twitter account, visit the event’s website or the facebook page.


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A Facebook for Archers – rcherz.com Launched

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 (23:10) | Lost and Found | By: Tilman

After the launch of rcherylifestyle.com in 2011, there is another “new thing” coming up this year. It’s called RcherZ (or just rcherz) and it is in fact a social network, especially designed for achers.

Viktor Zeman and Miroslav Bojcun from the Slovak Republic are the two guys behind rcherz.com and it seems, like they mean business. Together with a hired full-time php programmer from Indonesia, they set up the site in little more than half a year and went online about two month ago in March this year. At the moment, the site is still in beta phase, but this shouldn’t stay this way for long, if they continue with their pace.

A lot has been going on since the beta launch in March, but still, rcherz.com (which, by the way is also accesible via http://www.archeryfriends.com) is kind of buggy and needs some final touch. The advertised features are on the other hand very promising: You can upload and share scores, create competitions and invite friends, you can keep in touch with all the archers in the world, and post about archery as much as you like, without annoying your non-archer friends on facebook.

I am suprised about the professional level of rcherz.com and how serious Zeman and Bojcun are pushing their project. They obviously believe in a financial success, and they try to do it the “facebook way”, by offering an unconditional free service, that generates revenue via ads. It’s a very different approach to archerylifestyle and it requires quite a lot of people using the service.

Let’s see who is still there in 5 years, let’s see who got it right…

This is a view of the user’s homescreen, which actually looks a lot like Google Plus:

For me, it’s definitely an exciting development. I am curious about what it will do for the archer community.

Official Website: http://www.rcherz.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rcherz


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US guys unleashed at European Indoor Tournament in Nîmes (FRA)

Saturday, January 21st, 2012 (01:13) | Events, Videos | By: Tilman


Target of Brady Ellison (USA) in competition

After the first day of qualification rounds at the European Indoor Tournament in Nîmes, France, the American archers seem to be on drugs as they set the mark incredibly high in the men’s recurve as well as the men’s compound division. Brady Ellison ties the world record with 597 points with the recurve, while teammate Braden Gellenthien misses the world record with the compound by only one point and 598 points. To bad for him, the Canadian Christopher Perkins had just raised it to 599 last year!

See results here: http://www.arcclubdenimes.com/resulttournoi/12/qualifs12.pdf
And livestream (continues tomorrow) here: http://www.livestream.com/europeantournamentnimes2012


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Video Coverage Berlin Open 2011 and Olympic Test Event 2011

Friday, January 13th, 2012 (01:17) | Archers, Events, Videos | By: Tilman

For those of you that are bored to death because the world cup season is over and for those that are desperately waiting for the world championships in Las Vegas to start, there is some new material to fill the time. The organization of the Berlin Open 2011 produced and uploaded videos showing the gold medal matches in the recurve and compound division in full length. You can watch the finals of Morgan Lundin (SWE) vs. Mike Schloesser (NED) – Compound Men, Andrea Weihe (GER ) vs. Jelena Babinina (LTU) – Compound Women, Florian Kahllund (GER) vs. Oleksandr Skachok (UKR) – Recurve Men and Isabel Viehmeier (GER) vs. Polina Robionova (UKR) – Women Recurve in the archeryimages gallery.

Additionally, with the video material provided by Harald Meyer I was able to produce a video of the elimination rounds in the women’s recurve division. It’s also available in the newly created youtube-channel of archeryimages: www.youtube.com/archeryimages:

Last but not least, Archery TV is uploading huge amounts of video coverage of the London Olympic Test Event 2011 at the very moment. So, if you need a time filler until the world champs will go off have a look at their channel (www.youtube.com/archerytv) and see experienced world-class archers like the Korean Jin Hyek Oh struggling with the wind in London (GBR):


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