A Facebook for Archers – rcherz.com Launched

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 (23:10) | Lost and Found | By: Tilman

After the launch of rcherylifestyle.com in 2011, there is another “new thing” coming up this year. It’s called RcherZ (or just rcherz) and it is in fact a social network, especially designed for achers.

Viktor Zeman and Miroslav Bojcun from the Slovak Republic are the two guys behind rcherz.com and it seems, like they mean business. Together with a hired full-time php programmer from Indonesia, they set up the site in little more than half a year and went online about two month ago in March this year. At the moment, the site is still in beta phase, but this shouldn’t stay this way for long, if they continue with their pace.

A lot has been going on since the beta launch in March, but still, rcherz.com (which, by the way is also accesible via http://www.archeryfriends.com) is kind of buggy and needs some final touch. The advertised features are on the other hand very promising: You can upload and share scores, create competitions and invite friends, you can keep in touch with all the archers in the world, and post about archery as much as you like, without annoying your non-archer friends on facebook.

I am suprised about the professional level of rcherz.com and how serious Zeman and Bojcun are pushing their project. They obviously believe in a financial success, and they try to do it the “facebook way”, by offering an unconditional free service, that generates revenue via ads. It’s a very different approach to archerylifestyle and it requires quite a lot of people using the service.

Let’s see who is still there in 5 years, let’s see who got it right…

This is a view of the user’s homescreen, which actually looks a lot like Google Plus:

For me, it’s definitely an exciting development. I am curious about what it will do for the archer community.

Official Website: http://www.rcherz.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rcherz


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Comment from Viktor Zeman
Time 2012/05/24 at 10:34 PM

Waw, I’m surprised how much information you were able to dig about our fun project. :-)
Could you share your source of information with us? :-) … You did a good job.

I can tell you some more insights:

Yes, you are right, we employed also developer from Indonesia, but he is just one of other developers and data entry employees.
Together we employed 2 developers from Slovakia, 1 from Ukraine and 1 from Indonesia. Than we have 3-4 data entry people, which enter information about archery equipment, competitions, archery clubs…

Whole project started as fun and we pay it from our pocket. We have no clear idea about income. Until now we didn’t earn single $ from this website and it doesn’t look, that we will in near future :-(

Yes, advertisements is option. Maybe in the future we will organize virtual competitions or anything else, what could generate small income, but also huge value for archers … but in general we don’t care yet about money – archery is not about money.
Until now we invested 40 000 EUR and I expect, that until we will implement all our ideas, we will need to double this amount.

Ohhh, yes, you are right, bugs are big problem for us, it starts to be huge project and is a bit complicated to find those bugs… I hope archers will report every problem to us – than we are able to fix all quite quickly.

We did already some nice modules (e.g. Sight Tape Printing in archery calculators) or results list and basic statistic.
We will try to keep most of functionality free for archers, but in the future we will add also payed membership section, where will be content from coaches or people, which know what is archery (videos, articles, maybe any magazine, etc.)
Interesting could be also map of all archery clubs – e.g. if you plan holidays, you can take a bow with you and find nearest club around your hotel, where you can have some fun during family holidays :-)

Our plans are huge:
e.g. section for hunters, list of coaches, list of all archery shops, price comparison section, extended statistics, heat maps of shots, mobile application (first alpha release is already loaded in our phones), practice planning, blog, etc.

You are right, let’s see what will be in 5 years.
Until now we have just very few visitors
e.g. when we started in March 2012, we had about 100 unique visitors per month, now (2 months later) we have about 2000 unique visitors per month, if the trend will be the same, I expect, that in one year we will have traffic few hundred thousands archers per month

Thank you, that you mentioned our website on your blog.

Comment from Tilman
Time 2012/05/28 at 12:05 PM

Thanks for the detailed comment! I am glad you liked my post. My source of information is in fact just google. After I visited your website, I was like “What is this? Who is behind this project?”. It’s basically what I do before I sign up at such websites and I thought, this might be helpful for others, too.

I really like your attitude, and I am suprised by your pace… archeryimages.net is also just for fun, but for me it’s less than 100€ a year, and that’s pretty much just hosting fees. I also wanted to make archeryimages more interactive, more like a social network, but it’s simply impossible for one man and without working 40h/week on the website. There is a lot of perspective in a “facebook for archers”. I get bored by fb a lot… so I am very open to something else.

Keep on with your site, I wish you the best and that you will have the success you deserve.

Comment from Viktor Zeman
Time 2012/06/02 at 6:36 AM

Thank you for wishes.
You will not believe how it started :-) At the beginning we wanted simply to enter somewhere our results and watch how is progressing our performance over time. We had in mind any simple table with results and one chart. :-) That was all we wanted.

But after we started, we had new and new ideas about a lot of cool features … and simply we can’t stop :-)

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